Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fall forecast

This is my host parents wedding picture. How cute is my père?

Real classes began this week.

French Literature: Apollinaire.
French Philosophy: Descartes.
French Language: Thesis.
French Reading: The Second Sex.
Plus auditing a Byzantine art history class at the real university and a beginning Italian class.
I’m making friends with the other international students in my language classes. The girls from Japan are very sweet and quiet. The girl from Korea is exuberant. The Turkish woman is thoughtful. The American girl (not me) is always annoyed.
I had a really good conversation about vegetarianism and politics with my père tonight. We talked about being liberal and what that meant in France vs. America. We talked about how France gets trends 10 years after America (in everything but fashion) and how they thought maybe vegetarianism would be in style soon. I doubt it. But it was interesting to think that something that I feel strongly about could become more of a trend than a real commitment.
I think my French is improving a little. It will take longer to see the end results.
We had a picnic at the big park yesterday. It was beautiful. We had cheese, bread, Alsacian wine, quetches (little plum/prunes regional to Alsace) and cookies (This is basically all I eat anymore, although my mère does make me omelets for dinner, which are delicious, so that I get a little dose of protein). Then I had some violet flavored ice cream. I don’t really know what a violet is supposed to taste like, but it had a delicious perfume flavor. And it was purple.
I found Hans Arp's house when I was walking the other day. It was a nice surprise.
It’s getting cold and wet here. But the leaves don’t have the vibrancy of Michigan at all. They turn brown and fall to the ground without anyone noticing. I miss apple cider.
I’ve been walking more than I ever have in my life. My walk to school everyday is 30 minutes, then out to lunch, then 30 minutes home. And going out anywhere at night is usually at least that far. I think it’s wearing my legs down. But it's wonderful to be able to go where ever you need to by just stepping outside. You don’t need to pay for gas or worry about getting a flat tire. You just go. And everything you need is right there.
Time to sleep and have more long, complicated dreams.
Bonne nuit.


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